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Posted 04 April 2012 - 12:15 PM

The mabinoger Website offers some features that are rather unique, and in this guide I want to introduce them, to those who might not have been around when they were first introduced and explained.

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The main site is inspired by Windows 8, and features several tools.

At the top right, you see multiple search boxes. If you're on mabinoger, and you want to make a quick search in Google, or one of the Wikis, you can simply use those, you don't have to open the sites yourself first.

The next neat feature we have, is Re-ordering. If you don't like the way the buttons are arranged, simply drag them to another position with your mouse!

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But that's not all. Don't you hate how websites just look the way they look? Would be nice to customize it, wouldn't it? Take a look at the Options!

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  • Color: This color is used for the background. You can not only use hex values here ( #FFF = white ), but even words ( "red" ), or RGB values ( rgb(0, 0, 255) = blue ).
  • Image: This simply sets a background image. The image has to be somewhere on the Internet though (e.g.: http://www.wallcoo.n...05_1024x768.jpg). If you want to use an image from your computer as background, you have to upload it to a site like saved.im or imageshack.us.
  • Size: This option is similar to the background position option in Windows. It specifies how the background is stretched, if at all. This is useful for pictures that are smaller then your browser window. (This feature is unavailable in Internet Explorer 8 and below, and old version of other browsers.)
  • Position: This specifies the position of the image, in relation to the browser window.
  • Coloring: The default colors are optimized for a light colored design. If you want to use dark backgrounds, it gets hard to read the texts outside of the white box. That's why you can set the coloring here, to make them more readable again.
  • Theme: This isn't the first version of mabinoger, and it sure won't be the last one. But some might like older versions better than the new one. Just use one of the themes, if that's the case! Many to all other design options will be ignored though if you do so.
  • Wide Buttons: Some Buttons like the forums are wide, and take the space of 2 smaller ones. Why? Because I like that^^ But when reordering them, this can become a problem. Simply deactivate those nasty wide buttons, if they're becoming a problem for your desired order.
  • Sorting: Reset the order of the buttons with a single click.
  • Reload after save: Some options require a reload of the site. Simply check this box, to automate this process.
Well, that's it! Or is it? I'm always open for ideas, if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to post them!

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Posted 08 July 2016 - 09:05 PM

Hey, I don't know if this is the right place or not. But I really admire the site and have a suggestion. The feature I definitely use the most is the Monster CP tool, for help with training. My only recommendation would be an option to filter out results only in Uladh, Iria, or in certain dungeons. I think that would be a great addition, thanks!

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